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Q: How can I help support the site? A: Currently I make no money off of the site, and have no plan too.  After getting kicked off my ISP, I moved through 2 or 3 free sites that were ad-based.  Each service eventually died.  Max graciously offered me some web space and registered the domain. You can help by sending any pics or movies you may have that aren't currently on the site, or any that are better in quality or size.  Information about Tara is also nice, such as magazine appearances, but only info related to her career will be posted.

Please limit the size of anything you send to 3 or 4 MB, as I'm still on dial-up.

Q: Does she have a fan club address? A: Nothing official beyond this club.  I did find an address once and wrote to her, but the letter was returned unopened.  You may be able to contact her at TJ's in Stanton/LA by snail mail.  I recommend in person though, and get a lap dance while you're there.  Well worth it.
Q: What does she think of the site? A: I don't know.  She seems a bit overwhelmed about having a fan following.  I have given her my e-mail, but so far she has declined to contact me.
Q: How well do you know Tara? A: Much to my regret, I don't know her personally.  I have met her once when I went to see her in LA.
Q: What's her favorite color? A: Blue, I asked.  It's by pure coincidence that the site is mainly blue in theme.  Considering it's popularity as peoples favorite, and that there are a total of 6 primary and secondary colors, I'm not surprised.


Beauty and the Geek
a.k.a. When I Met Tara

While on vacation I made plans to go to LA and see Tara for myself.  I had been planning a trip for quite a while; I nearly booked a trip in early September 2001, scary.  It was quite convenient since my girlfriend wanted to visit Disneyland and see Hollywood.  Disneyland was nice, Hollywood was a bit disappointing.  For the record, my girlfriend has been fully aware and very accepting of my Tara fetish/craze/obsession since the day we met, but I keep it to a minimum, like no Tara wallpaper on the desktop.  I figured I'd get all the secrets out and any awkward stuff over with, if she stayed, she was a keeper.  Now I can't get rid of her.

I got TJ's address off the web, and went on a Thursday night.  It was slower than usual.  There were several people there, but the place was far from packed; good for me, bad for the ladies.  I went without the girlfriend of course; I have more class than to drag a woman to a strip club.  If they go, great, but I won't even broach such a subject.  (I ask for a lot of other things that should have gotten me killed by now.)

TJ's was great, it's loud, has low red lighting, and lots of beauties walking around.  I asked for Tara Monroe, and was told that she doesn't dance there any more.  When I had given up, I decided to get a lap dance.  After the first lap dance I figured I see what other dancers were making their way around.   I decided to wait for a petite beauty to work her away around to me and get a lap dance from her before I left.

When the second dancer approached my table, I was stuck dumb and speechless; it was Tara.  I know I looked like a fool; my girlfriend constantly reminds me of this fact.  The friendly greeting I had prepared to say, which was only half thought up, and probably lame anyway, went right out the window.  After several jaw-dropping moment, followed by no voice (or was that squeak my voice breaking??), and several moments of mental ass-kicking, I said, "Uh, . . . hi."  Predictably followed by, "Aren't you Tara Monroe?"  I was destined to make an ass out of myself.  Maybe next time I should carry a business: "Sorry I can't speak English right now.  I have momentarily lost my mind." 

I talked with her several times throughout the night, until she left.  Here is the gist of the conversation between Beauty and the Geek.

She was quite flattered that I was a fan of hers, probably more worried that I was a crazed stalker.  After my brilliant intro, I would probably be afraid of me too.  I mentioned that she had a website and club dedicated to her.  I resisted saying that I ran the website.  I may be a great public speaker, but I wasn't about to make that announcement without feeling her out on the subject first.  After all, she has threatened other people with court action.  She was amazed and boggled by having fans, and though I strived, alas I could not get her to understand why she had a following.  She mentioned that there was a website trying to publish her and every other porn star's and exotic dancer's personal information.  She has a child that she wishes to protect, not to mention the number of crazed stalkers about. I brought up the subject of her threatening other sites with court action.  She said it was only one, and it was because they were selling her pictures without her permission.  Hearing this, I decided to come clean, make the fatal plunge, appear like a crazed stalker, and say that I ran the website dedicated to her.  I was fully willing at that point to take it all down if she asked.  Sorry, I respect her to much not to.

She was very sweet and lovely to talk with, modest beyond belief, and the type of woman who is beautiful, intelligent, and down to earth.  She was absolutely adorable, sexy, and vibrant.  I could detect no haughtiness, arrogance, or guile in the slightest.  There are just too few people (not just women) like her in the world.

Her hair is still red with blond highlights; I could only see the blond highlights in the low, red lighting at TJ's.  She has an absolutely tiny frame, and looks like she lost a little weight, though not to much, when compared to many of the pics in the galleries.  Personally I like her looking slightly fuller, probably like she appears in Gallery 3 & 4, shown below.  As for having a child, no evidence.

I checked.

Her stage name is now Tori or something like that.  She had gotten into the porn industry just as something to do.  Much to our delight of course.  She got out when she fell in love and got married.  She didn't think it was right having sex with other guys while married.  She was glad to have gotten out of the porn industry before she was used up and spat out.  She also mentioned that there was a lot of drugs going around; no surprise there.  I don't know and didn't ask if she took any, but I prefer to think not, but I wouldn't be bothered either way.

I asked her what the difference was between stripping and doing porn, since some people don't see any difference.  She said she's not having sex with the patrons.

My girlfriend fully expected that I'd sleep with Tara; yeah right.  Tara loves her husband and won't cheat on him, that much was apparent while we talked.  No, I never even contemplated asking.  I did try to get her to have a drink with me at Taco Bell after she got off to escape the loud music and constant distractions, like the guy who got a whole bunch of bikini lap dances from her.  Sadly she declined.  I would have liked to ask her a few other questions, you know, kinda interview style.  though I didn't get to "interview" her, I did manage to slip my one interview question in, "What's your favorite color?"  The rest of the questions were off the cuff.

I got some digital photos of  her TapOut modeling professionally printed.  I went with TapOut so as not to appear too crass when I asked - begged even -  for an autograph.  And I mean begged.  But in the end, sadly, she wouldn't.  Though I was sorely tempted I left the digital camera in the car.  I didn't want it busted by some guys three times my size who could bend me into a pretzel.  I gave her a specialized e-mail address and the web address, though I may have left out the dash in the site name.  She hasn't contacted me, so I have no idea if she has ever seen the site or what she thinks.  I'd really like to know her opinion, and maybe use it for her to contact her fans.

She is currently modeling for TapOut.  I suspect that she is looking to get away from the nude scene, though she didn't say as much.  I think she should continue in nude modeling as well.  As another favorite model of mine, Aria Giovanni, says, "No toys, no boys" (though that hasn't always been the case on the former).  That would certainly preclude any sex.  I personally enjoy the classy soft-porn style of Playboy and Mystique Magazine and think it would be great for her to continue in this vein.  Either way, I look forward to following her model career wherever she takes it.

I got a few lap dances from her (that's how I checked).  She sticks to the contact forbidden rule, though I did try to bend it just a little, nothing more serious than a hand on the leg.  If you go, TJs is on Beach Blvd, behind a Taco Bell (I think).  It was $10 to get in, $15 for a bikini dance, $30 for topless, and $40 for full nude.  Drinks run the usual rate of 'You want me to pay how much?'  I recommend taking plenty of money, and get at least one full nude.  There is a no touching rule, so I asked the first girl what the limits were.  Let me emphasize, I was very pleased with the limits.  But if Stanton is affected by the 6-foot separation law passed in LA, then it's a moot point anyway.  Glad I got there before it took affect.