Ashlyn Gere and Buck Adams fantasizes about various party goers from earlier in the evening. In one fantasy Tara has sex with Buck in the shower while Ashlyn watches.

From an online review:
"In a shower, Tara and Buck kiss like passionate lovers as Ashlyn plays the role of his girlfriend . She just came home from work and caught them in the act (she lingers around without joining in, though). Petite and busty Tara is a very pretty redhead whom I could picture wearing just about anything and playing just about any role possible (she played a cop in "Subway" and looked incredible in blue!). As the water runs out from the showerhead (but they are not underneath it), Tara and Buck give eachother head then sit up on some built-in level where they do a cowgirl (poorly shot). Later, Tara sits down as Buck climbs up to her face but the little princess doesn't even get a facial! Well, they try to make it seem like she receives one, but that's probably just shower water glistening on her face. The whole time, Ashlyn dirty talks them but the end results don't really make for a steamy shower scene."

It's not to bad all in all since it is Tara, but I have to agree that the whole scene could have been done Tara more justice.

Another online review:
Tara Monroe/ Buck Adams: It seems like Buck is on a fucking spree in this flick. This time again being watched intently by Ashlyn. Buck pokes Tara in the Bathtub with the shower above making their bodies totally wet! Great scene ...Tara takes a facial over here!

Compilation: No

Aroused pt. 1 13 MB
Aroused pt. 2 9 MB
Aroused pt. 3 10 MB

Produced By: Vivid
Year: 1994
Length: A Couple Hours

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Also Starring
Ashlyn Gere Dominique Bouche Buck Adams
Asia Carrera Sydney Dance Tony Tedeschi

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