Wet Nurses

Tara appears with Steve in the first scene.

From an online review:

Tara and Steve in bed. Tara is on the box cover for this movie dressed as a nurse but she doesn't even play one in the vid! She's a horny housewife instead and all she has on are a pair of red panties. Ms. Monroe is a stunning redhead. In looks (and almost in height), I compare her to the equally gorgeous brunette starlet Lisa Ann. Tara has a mane of flowing hair that makes her look stunning when in reverse-cowgirl but her fake boobs look none too good while in mish; as she rocks back and forth they get that horrible, rippled look. The scene starts with embracing and kissing then Steve sucks on her nipples. With her panties still on, he rubs her pussy and also goes down to lick it over the material. They finally come off, revealing a nice tanline, and during the course of the oral Steve lifts up the petite redhead and has her place her hands on the bed for support, making it look like she's doing a headstand (but is most likely getting a headrush). He also briefly licks her anus. Suddenly, Tara's now laying on her back again as Steve sticks one, then two fingers inside of her (she has trimmed pubes). In return, she gives a blowjob (with ball licking) and while she looks at home with tubesteak stuffed in her mouth she's not the most skilled blowjob artist I've ever seen. A missionary follows, then a brief doggy and from here Tara raises herself and they both rest back for a decent reverse cowgirl. Did I already mention how ravishing she looks with her hair flowing down the sides of her face? They get back into a doggy but then we are interrupted by some non-dialog scenes of Mike (this is when he arrives home and catches the two of them together). The scene ends with some tit-fucking that results in a popshot between her breasts. . . .


FINAL COMMENTS: This vid has decent quality and sex scenes that are fairly well shot. Again, another lame-o storyline that works better with your remote control (if your fast-forward button isn't already worn out). Tara provided the best looks but Nicole provided the most energy. Keisha never gets plugged in her b/g/g threeway and neither does Rebecca since all she had was a lesbian bout. Bunny had her moments but pussy penetration seemed quite restricted (I thought lube was always handy on porn sets?). This makes for an ok rental if you like women with big fake boobs (like it'd be hard to escape it anyways), especially for fans of Tara and Nicole. Just be warned that box cover nurse Tara doesn't play one in the flick but at least those that do are dressed well enough for the part.

Compilation: No

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Produced by: Legend
Year: 1994
Time: 85 Minutes
Adult Video News Rated: 3 stars

Also Starring
Angel Bust Rebecca Wild Steve Drake
Keisha David Hardman Tony Tedeschi
Nicole London Mike Horner  


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