Over time I've created some sets of icon libraries (.icl) and a set of logos to personalize
my computer even more. I built her from the ground up (okay, I assembled
her from parts I bought), and fixed her when she broke, so I mightas well personalize
her as much as possible.

I discovered that IE doesn't handle the .icl
extension very well so you need to do the following things:

Right click on the link, select "Save Target As",
select a location to save the file in and add ".icl" to the end of the file name.
To use the icons, open the properties of a shorcut/internet shorcut,
under the "Shortcut" tab ("Web Document" tab for internet shorcuts) select the "Change Icon" button,
click "Browse", navigate to the folder, on the "files of type" drop down box select "All Files *.*",
and select "file_name.icl". Now select the icon that you want.

The first set is for use with shortcuts, and internet links (IE Favorites only I believe).

Tara Icon Library

Follow the instructions above and you'll have a selection of 20 icons to choose from.

These sets are for use on the Start menu. To use them, change the icons
for any shortcuts directly on the Start Button (above Programs),
go to the Taskbar Properties, deselect 'Show small icons in Start menu.'

Follow the same instructions above and
you should have something that looks like this:

Yes, I know, I have to much free time on my hands.

But it sure beats looking at the boring icons Microsoft gives you.

Set 01 - 7 icons in the example above

Set 02 - 3 icons

Set 03 - 5 icons

Set 04 - 4 icons

Set 05 - 3 icons

Here is the set of logos I created for startup and shutdown.


Here are a couple of wallpapers that I've found on Tara (1024 X 768 size).  Click on the thumbnail to view full size.





No, there are no Tara cursors or wav files on my computer. Even I have my limits.